ST Woodbinder Roofing Screws


250ct bags
see description for recommended amounts 


Roofing Screws.  250ct bags.

  • Color Match
  • EPDM Rubber Gromit
  • Cupped Steel Washer
  • Woodgrip Threads
  • Small Metal Drilling Tip (no predrill required)

*Click here for more info and specs from the manufactures website

*Recommended amount for screws is:
  ~ 1 screw per sq.ft of roofing,
  ~ 30 screws per ridge cap. (Usually 2″ screws for cap)
Includes enough for normal amounts of rake, drip, & other accessories.  Add more for valleys and hips.  (Amount based on rows of screws every 2′, with 4 screws per row, per panel)

Not sure what materials you need for your roof?
Give us a call!  We can help with that, and any other questions you have!

Additional information


1" (250ct Bag), 1.5" (250ct Bag), 2" (250ct Bag), 3" (250ct Bag)


Evergreen, Black, Charcoal Gray, Brown, #1 Galvanized, Burgundy, Pewter Gray, Barn Red, Slate Blue

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