Double Bubble Insulated Underlayment


125′ Long Rolls.  4′ and 6′ Wide



Install under metal roofing.  Provides a great thermal and vapor barrier!

Double bubble insulation provides maximum efficiency. Key benefits of this foil-faced double bubble include:

  • 5/16″ thickness, 4ft and 6ft wide rolls – 125ft long
  • 99.9% Pure Aluminum bonded to tear-resistant polyethylene core and bubble wrap insulation
  • Highly reflective foil facing
  • Optional UV resistant white polyethylene facing on one side, foil on the opposite side
  • Reflective bubble insulation has a very low rate of emissivity
  • Durable polyethylene bubbles make up the center bubble wrap insulation
  • Acts as 100% vapor barrier
  • Class A/Class 1 fire rating
  • Foil-faced bubble wrap insulation makes an excellent thermal barrier
  • Barrier for methane, radon, moisture, termites, and other pests

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4'W x 125'L (500sqft), 6'W x 125'L (750sqft)