ZXL 40yr ST Woodbinder Roofing Screws


250ct bags
see description for recommended amounts 


40yr ZXL Roofing Screws.  250pcs per bag.

  • 40yr protection against red rust on the head & washer.
  • Molded head cupped to completely hide EPDM rubber washer when installed.
  • Small metal drill tip (no predrilling required!)
  • Color match
  • Woodgrip threads
  • Larger 5/16″ head

*Click here for more info and specs from the manufactures website

*Recommended amount for screws is:
  ~ 1 screw per sq.ft of roofing,
  ~ 30 screws per ridge cap. (Usually 2″ screws for cap)
Includes enough for normal amounts of rake, drip, & other accessories.  Add more for valleys and hips.  (Amount based on rows of screws every 2′, with 4 screws per row, per panel)


Not sure what materials you need for your roof?
Give us a call!  We can help with that, and any other questions you have!

Additional information


1.5" (250ct Bag), 2" (250ct Bag)


Galvalume, Evergreen, Black, Charcoal Gray, Brown, Burgundy, Pewter Gray, Barn Red, Slate Blue

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