Details on ordering

All orders are local pickup only!
Unless *Delivery Service is purchased with your order.
* Max range 100 miles from Newport, Maine. No out of state shipping available

Ordering is easy! 
Just pick the product, then pick the length, color, quantity, etc.  Click add to cart, then repeat for each additional length or color!

Colors do not show correctly online!
please go back to colors page on the standard website for approximate colors, or come see the colors in person before ordering!

Orders usually take 1 – 4 business days to be completed.
This depends on:  Size of order, Delivery location, Color, Payment processing, etc.

Please review your order carefully before ordering!
Pay especially close attention to: Color and Quantity.

Not sure what materials you need for your roof?
Give us a call!  We can help with that, and any other questions you have!

Many more products available than what is listed online.  Just call!